Installation Process

This is where our fiberglass pools excel! The entire pool installation process, from initial layout to your first swim, only takes a few weeks! Contrast that with a concrete or vinyl liner pool which can take up to several months! Installing an Alaglas Pool means your backyard is under construction for less time!

Experience the Difference…

Alaglas Installation timeline

Step 1

Alaglas Installation Process - Step 1 Layout

Swimming Pool Layout

  • The layout for your new Alaglas Pool is carefully marked on the ground for precise excavation and placement.
Step 2

Alaglas Installation Process - Step 2 Excavation


  • The hole is dug to exacting specifications to ensure the proper shape and depth. Once drainage materials are laid, the ground is leveled and compacted for optimum support
Step 3

Alaglas Installation Process - Step 3 Shell Placement

Shell Placement

  • This is the dramatic step! Your new pool is brought in, set in place and leveled. Often a crane is used to lift the shell over the house or other obstacles. Don’t worry, our pools are made for this!
Step 4

Alaglas Installation Process - Step 4 Backfill & Fill

Fill / Backfill

  • Now the precision process of filling the pool with water while backfilling for support begins. Plumbing and electrical are completed. Pumps and filtration system are installed and checked for operation and quality
Step 5

Alaglas Installation Process - Step 5 Decking

Deck Installation

  • The decking material you initially chose for your pool area, (poured concrete, pavers, travertine or bricks) is installed. Your backyard pool area is almost complete!
Step 6

Alaglas Installation Process – Step 6 CompletedProject Complete

  • Construction equipment, tools, and any debris are cleared from the site. The area is cleaned, and your beautiful new Alaglas Pool is ready for you to enjoy
  • !Congratulations


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For over 30 years our goal has been to bring your family the strongest and most beautiful, high-performance pools available on the market. Now, more than ever, we are committed to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

From our manufacturing floor to our executive office, we care about you – our Alaglas customer – and your experience with us. Our pools are built to last a lifetime and we are committed to making our relationship with you as solid as our pools.