Medium Fiberglass Pools

Our Medium Pools are designed to provide you endless hours of relaxation and summer fun, with all the luxurious space you need and options you want but, in a size that will fit within most backyards.

Why choose an Alaglas fiberglass pool?

Confused about the differences between fiberglass, concrete and vinyl-liner swimming pools? Check out our pool comparison guide to be sure you’re choosing the right pool to fit your lifestyle!

Alaglas Pools' Malibu, a medium, freeform fiberglass pool in quartz


11’3″ W x 24’10” L x 5’3″ D


11’5″ W x 26’4″ L x 5’4″ D

Alaglas Pools' June Bug model, a medium, freeform fiberglass pool in quartz

June Bug

12’9″ W x 20’3″ L x 5′ D


11’10” W x 23’10” L x 5’6″ D


13’3″ W x 18’7″ L x 4’6″ D

Alaglas Pools' Islander model, medium fiberglass pool in Topaz


12’9″ W x 25′ L x 5’6″ D

Alaglas Pools Avanti fiberglass swimming pool in topaz


12’1″ W x 25’9″ L x 4’6″ D

Alaglas Pools Martinique fiberglass swimming pool in white


13’1″ W x 28’4″ L x 5’4″ D

Alaglas Pools Gulfstream with Guppy tanning ledge in Quartz


11’8″ W x 23’11” L x 4’6″ D

Alaglas Pools' Challenger model, a medium fiberglass pool in White


11’6″ W x 26’2″ L x 4’6″ D

Alaglas Pools Atlantis fiberglass swimming pool in white


11’5″ W x 23’4″ L x 4′ D

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Our friends and neighbors love how quickly our backyard has been transformed into a wonderful summer retreat! We especially love the relaxing sound of the fountains! ~T. Higham
“They were highly recommended by a colleague who built with them over 20 years ago, it was easy to make the decision to choose Alaglas. ” ~J. Collins

“We were very pleased from start to finish! They kept to the schedule and we were swimming in no time at all. I highly recommend this company.” ~M. Good

“[They] were great and went beyond to make sure we got what we were promised. I recommend Alaglas Pools to anyone looking for a great pool…” ~ B. Carper

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