Large, Rectangular Fiberglass Pool
16′ W x 40′ L x 8′ D

Alaglas Pools' Olympian, a large, rectangular fiberglass pool in sapphire

Olympian by Alaglas Pools


Take home the gold with our Olympian pool. Dual seating areas at each corner of the generous shallow end make it perfect for family gathering while the 8’ deep end allows for a slide placement. The 40’ length and 16’ width make this superior pool perfect for serious swimming and training or larger gatherings and family entertainment.

Detailed Specs

Alaglas Pools' Olympian model specifications drawing 16'x40'Exterior dimensions: 16′ (W) x 40′ (L)
Interior dimensions: 15’1″ (W) x 38’6″ (L)
Depth: 3’8″ to 8′ (Graduated Depth)

Built-in bench seating
Graduated depth
Built-in stairs


New Alaglas Pools' light gray color for fiberglass pools . Alaglas Pools' Quartz, a teal blue fiberglass swimming pool colorAlaglas Pools' Topaz, a neutral fiberglass swimming pool color  Alaglas Pools' White, original fiberglass swimming pool color

Tile & Mosaics


Olympian in Sapphire

Alaglas Pools’ Olympian model in Sapphire blue, featuring multicolored brick pavers for the decking.

Olympian in Topaz

Alaglas Pools’ Olympian model in Topaz surrounded by red brick pavers for the patio — the finishing touch to a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

Olympian in White

Alaglas Pools’ Olympian model in White, featuring tile mosaics, a slide, and concrete decking.

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