A Closer Look: Majestic & Grand Majestic

Written by alaglaspools

August 6, 2020

Alaglas Pools' Grand Majestic model, a large, rectangular shaped pool in white

Let’s Take a Look at Our Popular Majestic and Grand Majestic Pool Models!

Alaglas Pools' Majestic model, a large, rectangular fiberglass pool in quartz

Majestic in Quartz. Photo Credit: Alaglas Pools of Charleston.

The Majestic and Grand Majestic pool models are a combination of classic style and serene design.  Identically styled as a Roman pool design, each feature fully integrated entry steps that follow the curve of the shallow end. The second entry step extends the full width of the pool as a convenient bench seat.

Directly opposite the entry area, is a full-width, tanning ledge to accommodate full-sized lounge chairs. Resting swimmers can sit at the edge of the 12” deep tanning ledge or on the full-width bench seat for a deeper immersion.

Alaglas Pools' Grand Majestic model, a large, rectangular shaped pool in quartz

Grand Majestic in Quartz. Photo Credit: Alaglas of Charleston

Add bubblers to the tanning ledge or fountains and LED lighting to the entire pool to create dramatic, opulent effects. Bubblers offer a wonderful splash pad for younger swimmers by day and a soothing ambiance at night.

With a 40-foot interior length, the Grand Majestic is our longest pool model. At a 15-foot interior width and graduated depth from 4’ to 6’, this pool is perfect for swimmers of all levels.

Identically styled but at a slightly smaller size, the Majestic has a 36’2” interior length, 13’2” interior width, and a graduated depth from 4’ to 5’6” making it our third longest pool.

Personalize both models by adding our custom tile mosaics to your pool floor. Choose from our stock designs for a touch of whimsy and flair or, create a unique, custom statement in your pool. Check out our custom tile features here.

Add dramatic evening effects by combining our LED lighting with water features. Use the transition setting to have your pool subtly change color. Or, pick a single color to suit your mood or preference. The addition of water sprays, bubblers, and waterfall features, adds the sound of moving water which creates a stunning entertainment area.

The Majestic and Grand Majestic are available in our Quartz, Sapphire, Topaz and White gel-coat colors.

Contact us to find your nearest Alaglas Pool Dealer and you could be swimming in the pool of your dreams in just a few short weeks!

Summary of Majestic/Grand Majestic
  • Classic and serenely styled Roman pool.
  • Have fully integrated entry steps at shallow end.
  • Full width tanning ledge with deeper bench seat.
  • Graduated depth from 4′ to up to 6’.
  • Provides ample room for fun, fitness, recreation and entertaining.
  • Can be customized with mosaic tile.
  • Add LED lighting and water features for high drama.
  • Available in all gel-coat colors.
  • Choose either model and you’ll love your new Alaglas Pool!

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