Level-Up With Poolside Extras!

Written by alaglaspools

September 24, 2020

Alaglas Pools' Malibu, a medium, freeform fiberglass pool in quartz

Looking to add a little extra to your poolside area?

You’re investing in the added fun, recreation, and value a pool brings to your home. But, consider ‘leveling-up’ by adding something extra to take your pool from great to amazing.

Below is our list of 10 Ideas To Level-Up your pool area. (Click on each thumbnail for ideas)

Tiny-Pool-House-https://justbesplendid.tumblr.com/post/733085175/pool-house1: Pool House / Storage

A pool house or storage shed can range from a simple bench or cabinet for supplies to a full-on pool house!

The added benefits of a pool house or storage shed are many… most immediate is that it provides a place to store toys and tools out of sight for a clutter-free poolside.

If you choose to go more elaborate and add a ‘tiny house’, it can be used as a changing area, small guest house, private oasis room, or a bar and small kitchen area.

Obviously, costs are to be considered. Simple storage sheds will range from about $300 – $1,000.  For larger projects, talk to your pool builder or local lumber company and ask for quotes.

Pinterest Outdoor Serving Cart2: Buffet / Bar 

A pool party isn’t complete without food and beverages! But, if you want to keep pool traffic out of your kitchen, consider adding an outdoor food and beverage serving area.

These can range from a simple table for under $100, to a portable unit for about $500 or, a built-in kitchen which would cost considerably more.

Research portable food and beverage service or even restaurant equipment houses to find options that work within your budget and space. Or, be creative and repurpose a piece of furniture with a DIY project!

For built-in options, contact your pool builder or local contractor for quotes.  

Alaglas Pools woman in Lounge chair by poolounge3: Seating

Seating around your pool is an absolute must! Your options are almost unlimited and can range from moveable lounge chairs for around $250 to permanent, built-in areas.

Choose colors that coordinate or create visual interest with a pop of color.

Materials should be durable and weather resistant. If you choose natural materials, be sure to protect them from the weather.

Built-in options are initially more expensive but will last for years with little maintenance. Again, ask your pool builder or a local contractor for ideas and quotes.

Alaglas Pools Fiberglass Aruba Spa in white with spillover4: Spa / Tanning Ledge

Choosing one of our spas or tanning ledges to complement your pool is a great investment! While these can be added after your pool is installed, we strongly recommend choosing them as a package when building your pool.

Spas are known for their therapeutic and healing value. Relax and soak away daily tension or gather with friends for a perfect evening of conversation.

Tanning ledges create excellent areas for sunbathing or for small children to splash and play. Add bubblers and lighting for elegance and dramatic effect.

With the addition of the spillover (as shown) your spa also becomes an elegant waterfall creating a soothing ambiance in your pool area. 

Sumaco Concrete Firebowl5: Fire Features

What is more dramatic than combining the elements of fire and water in your backyard oasis?  Adding fire creates a unique contrast with water, exudes warmth, and introduces a dramatic flair.

Depending on your budget and taste, the materials you choose can evoke old-world charm or create a sleek, modern look.

Choose from portable fire bowls (starting around $100) and fire tables (around $500) to built-in fire/water bowls. Backyard fire rings or fire pit features with seating areas also make great gathering spaces.

Of course, keep safety first and go with quality, highly-rated materials, and construction.

Waterfall-CaribbeanPool-MargaretRamboGermanPhoto6: Water Features

Adding the rich texture of falling water transforms your pool into a quiet, restful, backyard oasis.  Another benefit is the water sound can mask traffic or other noises. 

Choose from fountains and bubblers, spillovers and waterfalls, rain curtains or mists, sconces or scuppers, and streams to take your pool from great to amazing! If you can dream it, chances are your pool builder can design for you.

Statues, abstract art, and container plantings also make beautiful water features creating focal points for visual interest

Alaglas Pools' Majestic model, a large, rectangular shaped pool in quartz at night with LED lighting7: Lighting

Pool lighting systems are essential to creating after-dark, poolside ambiance.

In-pool illumination is installed with the pool but you can create a magical backyard setting with just a few additions.  Choose LED or fiberoptic systems to light up every corner of your backyard oasis.

Coordinate deck and pool colors or, pre-program with themed color sequences. You can even set the mood with an app on your smartphone!

Alaglas Pools' Malibu, a medium, freeform fiberglass pool in quartz8: Pergolas

Pergolas are wonderful places for relaxation and can range from open structures to just a canvas sail stretched for shade. Costs will vary widely based on materials you choose.

Open or lattice tops are the most popular to allow for optimum air circulation.  Shades and side panels can be added for sun protection or more privacy creating a cozy garden-room feel.

Your pool builder will be very familiar with these types of outdoor structures and can work with you on design and placement.

Outdoor Shower9: Outdoor Shower

Adding an outdoor shower to the pool area helps keep your pool cleaner longer.

With a quick rinse-off before jumping into the pool, debris and oils are rinsed away before reaching your pool.

Showers can range from a simple, freestanding showerhead to sculptural, artistic masterpieces or even enclosed private shower rooms.

Whichever you choose, a pool shower adds a convenient benefit to your outdoor lifestyle. 

Talk to your pool builder for design ideas and options!

Alaglas Pools' Islander model, a medium-sized fiberglass swimming pool in white10: Smart Systems

We’ve talked a lot about beautiful options to enhance the aesthetic of your pool but, we also want to talk about some behind-the-scenes enhancements.

Advancements in filtration and pool floor cleaning systems allow you more time to enjoy your pool!

Smart systems automatically schedule cleaning times to remove debris from your pool.

While these systems can be more expensive to install initially, they reduce energy and maintenance costs saving you time and money.

Ask your pool builder for options.

Quick List
  • Pool House/Storage Shed to corral clutter or provide shelter.
  • Buffet/Bar Area for entertaining and convenience.
  • Seating for comfort and rest while enjoying pool activities.
  • Spas/Tanning Ledges add dimension your swimming experience.
  • Fire Features add contrast, warmth and visual texture.
  • Water Features for sound masking and calm ambience.
  • Lighting for safety and dramatic effects.
  • Pergolas for shade, privacy and visual interest.
  • Outdoor Shower to keep your pool cleaner longer.
  • Smart Systems for convenience and cost savings over time!

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