Fall Pool Maintenance Checklist

Written by alaglaspools

October 8, 2020

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It’s Fall Pool Maintenance Time!

As the weather transitions into cool days and frosty nights, don’t forget to give your pool a thorough, cleaning and maintenance check.

You can stay ahead of most issues by checking a few things now to avoid big headaches later.

For pool owners in colder climates, be sure to check with your local Alaglas Dealer and pool pro for complete winterizing instructions. 

Below is a short checklist to keep your pool up to date and running smoothly. For a more complete guide, refer to our Swimming Pool Guide.

1: Check Skimmers & Pool for Damage

Check your skimmers for clogs or debris that may have gotten caught in them. Replace any damaged skimmer baskets.

Check your pool for stains or other possible surface damage.

Contact your Alaglas Pool Pro for repairs and recommended ways to remove any stubborn stain areas.

Add water to your pool if needed.

2: Clean Pool Filters 

Remove and clean cartridge filters. Inspect for damage and replace it if needed.

Backwash sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. Add sand or DE if needed.

Make sure all drain plugs and seals are seating properly. Replace them if they are damaged or show signs of wear.

3: Monitor Water Balance & Keep Pool Clean

Dropping temperatures and fall debris can affect your pool’s pH causing it to fluctuate. If you keep your pool open during the winter, monitor your pool closely for debris and water balance.

Clean your pool as recommended in our Swimming Pool Guide.

When you are finished cleaning, test your water chemistry or have it tested by your local Alaglas Pool Pro.

Add chemicals as needed to balance your water.

Underwater Pool Light4: Check Heaters & Lights

Heaters become extremely important if you keep your pool open throughout the winter. Make sure to have it checked to keep your pool safe during colder months.

Same thing for the lights. Discovering a problem now gives your pool pro plenty of time to get things working ahead of the weather.

Alaglas Pools' Avanti model fiberglass swimming pool, medium size with spa spillover5: Pumps

Check that your pump is in good working order. Refer to our Swimming Pool Guide for proper maintenance steps.

If closing your pool for the winter, we recommend contacting your local Alaglas Pool Pro to prevent cold weather damage.


Quick Check List 
  • Clean skimmers and check for damage – replace if needed.
  • Clean pool and check for damage – call your Alaglas Dealer for repair.
  • Clean pool filters and replace if needed.
  • Check water balance often as pH can fluctuate more in fall.
  • Skim frequently to keep pool free from debris.
  • Check heater to prevent damage as temperatures drop.
  • Check lights for any needed repair.
  • Make sure pump is working properly – call your Alaglas Dealer if repairs are needed.

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