Current Pool Trends to Consider

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October 7, 2019

With so many advancements in the fiberglass pool industry over the past few years, there are amazing new features, exciting options and jaw-dropping combinations for you to choose from  to customize your backyard oasis.

Dark Interiors

Alaglas_Pools_Blog_Swimming-Pool-TrendsLight colors such as aqua or white have been the go-to color choices for pool interiors since, well …let’s just say for a long time. At one time darker pool colors were not easy to maintain and didn’t always fare well with the long-term effects of chlorine and sunlight. However, with the advancement of stabilized pigments and UV resistant coatings, dark pool surfaces are now as reliable as any other pool color.

Choosing a darker interior for your swimming pool can give it a modern, natural lagoon look. Adding a flagstone deck or stamped and stained concrete enhances the dark-water natural pond feel. Waterfall features, indigenous landscaping and rocks take it one step further and voila…you have created a backyard paradise to excite all your senses. 

Smaller Pools/Oversized Spas

 Alaglas_Pools_Blog_Swimming-Pool-Trends-Smal_Pool_Cove_WhiteThe trend is to downsize and simplify your life. What better way to downsize, simplify and yet still enjoy the luxury of swimming than with a small pool or oversized spa? Our smaller pool designs are perfect for a small backyards, townhouses and zero-lot line neighborhoods. Fit them out with jets, lights, bubblers or fountains and you have an invigorating exercise area by day and a relaxing spa or water feature by night.

Single-Depth Pools

Single-depth pools are perfect choices for pool owners who lap swim or enjoy pool sports. Because swimmers can stand at any place in the pool, a rousing game of water polo or volleyball is bound to happen on a regular basis! The consistent depth is beneficial for children learning to swim as adults can easily stay close to assist. Swimmers who may be less comfortable in deeper water will also be able to enjoy paddling around in the shallower water with less anxiety. Alaglas Pools offers you a choice of 8 single-depth pool models in our small and medium sizes. 

Lighting Options

Alaglas_Pools_Blog_Swimming-Pool-Trends-Lighting-Bermuda-PoolPool lighting systems are essential to creating after-dark, pool-side ambience. Choose from LED or fiber optic systems to light up every corner of your backyard oasis. Coordinate your deck and pool colors or pre-program with themed color sequences. You can even set the mood with an app on your smart phone!
Quick tip: Choose to position larger underwater lights on the pool side closest to your house. This makes sure the pool is gracefully illuminated and avoids the feeling of gazing into underwater ‘headlights’.
As always, consult your pool professional to discuss options, layouts and installation costs.

Water Features

Alaglas_Pools_Blog_Swimming-Pool-Trends-Smal_Pool_Naples with SpraysChoose from popular trends in fountains, waterfalls, bubblers, spillovers, rain curtains, sconces, scuppers, mists, and streams to take your pool from great to amazing! Adding the rich texture of falling water transforms your pool into a quiet, restful, backyard oasis. The added benefit is the sound can mask traffic noise, if that is an issue for you. Statues, abstract art and container plantings can make beautiful water features and create visual interest. By combining moving water with statuary, plants and lighting features, you create dramatic, ever-changing displays to delight all the senses.

Fire Features

Alaglas_Pools_Blog_Swimming-Pool-Trends-Smal_Pool_Fire_BowlsWhat is more dramatic than combining the elements of fire and water? Adding fire to your pool area creates intimacy, warmth, and dramatic flair to your backyard oasis. As with water features, fire features can help mask traffic sounds to increase the feeling of privacy. Depending on your taste, the materials you choose can evoke the charm of ancient worlds or create an ultra-modern, futuristic concept. Materials range from concrete, copper, steel to stone fire bowls.

Talk to your Alaglas Dealer for exciting Fire & Water Options!

Filtrations/Cleaning Systems

We’ve talked a lot about beautiful options to enhance the aesthetic of your pool area but, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about some mechanical enhancements as well. Advancements in filtration and pool floor cleaning systems allow you more time to enjoy your pool! Smart systems automatically schedule cleaning times to remove debris from your pool. These systems can be more expensive to install initially but, can reduce energy and maintenance costs over the lifetime of your pool. With a system connected to an app on your smart phone, you can control your pool maintenance with a swipe of a finger! Ask your pool pro for advice and system recommendations for your specific pool size, configuration and needs.  (Read more about filtration system options)

For more information on any of the options and features in this article, please contact your Alaglas Pool Dealer today!

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