Make Every Day a Vacation!

Written by alaglaspools

March 19, 2020

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What do your vacation plans for this summer look like? Are they on hold or are they changing? Concerned about crowds and congestion?

If so, consider a Staycation and install an Alaglas Fiberglass Pool in your backyard! Now is the best time ever to invest in a new pool!

You can start your pool now and in only 2 – 4 weeks you’ll be swimming! The only traveling you’ll need to do is step through your back door into the Backyard Staycation of your dreams!



Hey, we’ve all been there….long drive times, travel changes, delays, construction, “Are we there yet?”…sigh….

How great would it be to take an Instant Vacation whenever you want?

With an Alaglas Pool installed in your backyard you can have it all, right now! No worries about travel delays, road construction, sharing facilities with a LOT of strangers, fighting for your pool lounger or crowd control…nope, zip, zero…none of that!

Give us a call and let’s talk about your options!


Could it be more convenient? Walk outside and…BAM….you have arrived!

And here’s a bonus….since you’re already home, everything you need is right there! No lugging heavy suitcases, no long lines, no waiting, no hassles!

We can help you make that happen! Contact us for a free quote today!


You’ve already arrived at your destination so no hurry up and get movin’ to be somewhere on someone else’s schedule!

Well, you can set a schedule or not – no pressure – no problem! It’s just YOU time in your backyard paradise!

If this sounds amazing…let’s talk…NOW! You could be relaxing comfortably in your own pool within a few weeks!

Alaglas Pools Fiberglass Islander in TopazFITS WITHIN A WEEKEND

You won’t even have to schedule time off from work if you don’t want to!

Without any travel involved, you can make the most of the ENTIRE time! Unwind in solitary sanctuary or invite your friends over for some fun and make memorable moments together!

Contact us and we can help you build the backyard oasis of your dreams!


Everybody is welcome! Hey, it’s your place! You can even float around in a pink flamingo if you want to!
No worries about long, boring car rides or whether there will be things for your children to do once you get there.
Your pets will love this too, because they get to relax and spend time with you, without any separation anxiety!
What are you waiting for?

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