Swim for the Health of it!

Written by alaglaspools

August 5, 2019

With all the current emphasis on health and fitness you know physical activity is good for you. But, did you know swimming is one of the best activities you could do for your body? At Alaglas Pools, we are all about providing you with pool options to get you started and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

People who already enjoy swimming know why they love to take the plunge on a regular basis. They feel good while they’re swimming, and they know the benefits continue long after they are finished. For those of you who are not yet convinced, or who are just beginning, we’ve put together the following list of reasons why swimming is the best exercise.

Quick Note: if you are thinking about or just beginning to include swimming in your health routine, please consult your doctor for any concerns before ‘diving in’.

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming!

(These reasons are not presented in order of importance because each benefit is important!)

Swimming uses all the muscles in the body. Whether you’re doing a back stroke or a doggie-paddle, swimming engages everything. What’s even better is the water creates resistance making your muscles work harder, which gives you a more intense workout.


Combine swimming with a healthy diet will make you look better, help you lose weight and generally let you feel better.


Moving big muscles in aerobic exercise, such as swimming, releases endorphins. Endorphins are peptides which are natural pain killers and give you a natural ‘high’. Your tension reduces, your mood improves and stabilizes. You’ll also notice an improvement in your sleep as you can fall asleep sooner, sleep deeper and stay asleep longer.


Depending on your weight and the intensity of your workout, you can burn hundreds of calories per hour. For example, a 130-pound person could burn up to 600 calories in an hour if swimming at a high intensity and a 180-pound person could easily burn over 800 calories doing the same.


Not only does swimming lower your risk, it helps reduce symptoms of disease. Swimming can help reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by boosting your metabolism, reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol.

According to the American Diabetes Association, swimming helps reduce risk of type 2 diabetes by keeping weight under control. For those with diabetes, it aids glycemic control.

For asthmatics, working out in moist air conditions can reduce exercise-induced asthma. Plus, it helps strengthen breathing control and lung capacity.

Arthritis sufferers can enjoy non-weight bearing exercise while the warm water increases flexibility


Our bodies are approximately 90% buoyant in water which means when we enter the water, weight is taken off our joints. Because water is 12 times denser than air, it provides gentle resistance and your muscles must work harder. This helps increase muscle strength, muscle tone and bone density.


Swimming 30 minutes/3 times per week boosts your body’s metabolism which gives you a higher level of lasting energy.


Actually, you will sweat! But, you won’t feel hot, gross or sticky while you are swimming because the pool water keeps you cool and refreshed while you build that gorgeous body. Just remember to keep water within arms reach and stay hydrated during your swim session.


Swimming will keep your heart rate up with low-impact exercise. This is great for everyone but especially for people with injuries, disabilities or age-related mobility issues.


The more you swim and the healthier you become; you’ll notice you can withstand higher intensity workouts for longer periods of time. This translates into your life outside the pool too. As your body starts to enjoy the effects of your increased level of activity, you’ll find you’re sharper mentally, you feel better physically, and you’ll be able to engage in your normal activities more easily and for longer periods of time.


Swimming works by strengthening core muscles which are integral to maintaining good posture and balance. You will notice an improvement in your coordination because swimming is a more complex activity engaging both your body and your mind.


Whether you swim at a public pool or in the privacy of your backyard, swimming helps build relationships. At the public pool you’ll meet like-minded individuals and build camaraderie. In your home pool, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Now that you know some of the great health benefits of swimming, get yourself to the pool and experience it for yourself. Better yet, contact us for a quote on your new pool so you will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle right in your own backyard!


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